Friday Notes #24 — A Constantly Moving Numeric World

Bye Bye HEY World, More of Substack

Friday Notes #24 — A Constantly Moving Numeric World

We live in a constantly moving numeric world, full of choices, contradictions or opposing forces. Navigating in this world can be challenging. My goal in this context is to stay true to my values and my objectives: having an as frictionless as possible content creation experience.

Last week, I made a decision to stop using HEY World as a publishing platform. Instead, I decided to concentrate on Substack for my Friday Notes and Photo Legend series. This idea came up out of nowhere and I didn’t think for too long before making the move. HEY World was a fad in general and for me, it was a content creator experiment. I think Substack is a better choice and has more chance of surviving as a content publishing platform. Interactions are easier and Substack enables possibilities for comments and reader reactions. I don’t get many but when I do, I’m always grateful for those.

I’m happy to make my content available to a broader audience with a better discoverability potential, for free. I hope you like it.

Speaking of content, I started working on the next issue of the Introspection newsletter. It will be another jam-packed issue as there were a lot of events surrounding Apple this month and some other unexpected turn of events in other areas. Stay tuned. Stay safe.


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