Friday Notes #23 — I Didn’t See That Friday Was Coming

Wow, it’s Friday morning, 6:17 AM. Not only the Friday Notes writing is not complete, it isn’t started! I find myself without a subject to write about. Usually, such subject starts to emerge at the beginning of the week, Sunday or Monday. Then, each day, I diligently think and write my Friday Notes to eventually finish just in time, early Friday morning. So why is is different this week? Well, I didn’t see Friday coming. I simply didn't see the week passing.

So, here I am. For more than thirty minutes, I’m wandering in my numeric world in search of a subject, an image, an angle, a singular thing that could spark my desire for writing. I give myself up to noon before deciding what I’ll do.

It’s now 12:00. Now I know.

I recently wrote an update about my Substack experience. I thought I could do the same about my HEY World experience. So far, I wrote a total of 23 posts. I'm now at 15 subscribers by email but I don't know how many are consuming the RSS feed. Discoverability is not really good unless I cross-post systematically each post to Twitter and I don’t get new subscribers often. I rarely get any feedback by email either. I’ve got silent subscribers. It’s ok. I’m fine with this. As I wrote at the beginning of this adventure, writing on HEY Word is like putting a bottle in the sea.

I do think of consolidating my online presence from time to time, and wonder if HEY World would make the cut. Sending the weely Friday Notes newsletter from Substack would make a lot of sense. Same goes for my Photo Legend Series. It’s something to think about.

So, there you have it, dear silent readers. Take care.


JF Martin aka Numeric Citizen