Bye Bye WordPress — Hello (Again) Ghost is dead, long live! A quick update about this website, a word about its future.

Bye Bye WordPress — Hello (Again) Ghost
Photo by Markus Winkler / Unsplash

Today, I’m happy to announce that one of my objectives for 2023 has been accomplished. After many long hours of hard and meticulous work: and are now united under the Numeric Citizen Space. The domain is the one that wins! Now you know why I’ve been quiet in recent weeks. In this process, people who subscribed to my Substack newsletter have been brought in too.

As a subscriber to my newsletter (Friday Notes Series), you probably didn’t know about the existence of my other publishing space: Numeric Citizen Blog (hosted on WordPress since 2015). I no longer believe in the need to keep to separate places. It was time for me to merge both sites and extend the possibility of subscribing to my content to all my blog visitors too. Visitors can now subscribe from the main page or an individual post, which wasn’t possible before.

I’ll continue to share my personal thoughts and stories along with longer-form articles related to my preferred subjects: Apple, photography, privacy protection and climate change. Not all content will be sent by newsletters, don’t worry. I’ll continue to reserve those for the Friday Notes Series or other content that I think will make sense to read like an email.

Moreover, as a result of this merge operation, the site design has been refreshed and vastly simplified, which makes it more responsive, thanks to Ghost’s efficient hosting platform. Finally, consider updating your RSS subscription if you consume this site content through your RSS reader:

Starting next week, I’ll return to a more regular publishing schedule.

Thanks for reading and for staying with me in my writing adventure.

PS. I almost forgot. I do publish much more frequently and much smaller pieces on about my preferred subjects, so join me there too!