Apps Every Mac Users Must Install Right NOW!

If you’re new to the Mac or even a long-time user, stop everything and consider going through my list of must-have apps and utilities. You’ll thank me later!

Apps Every Mac Users Must Install Right NOW!
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The following list of Mac-only utilities is at the censor of everything I do on the Mac. They are essentials. I couldn’t live without them. Maybe not. But they are super useful. In no particular order, let’s dive into the list.

  1. Raycast — A powerful utility assistant full of possibilities, thanks to its ever-expanding plugin collection. Everything is accessible from a Spotlight-line command line.
  2. CleanShot X — Push screenshot capabilities to new levels. Don’t settle for the built-in screenshot feature of macOS because CleanShot X offers so much more.
  3. NextDNS — Stay secure and block those trackers while surfing the web. Don't forget these two honourable mentions if security and privacy are something you cherish: 1Blocker and StopTheMadness Safari extensions.
  4. Little Snitch Mini — You’re never protected enough. This little firewall will tell you what’s going on on your Mac and enable blocking some traffic you don’t like going out.
  5. NetNewsWire + RSS Button for Safari — RSS feeds aren’t dead, far from it. This free and venerable RSS reader is very capable and macOS native. Combined with RSS Button Safari, you’ll be all set to search for new RSS feeds while browsing the web and being well-equipped to read RSS feed content.
  6. Downie — Download any video files from the internet, including from YouTube!
  7. Permute — The ultimate media converter for macOS.
  8. Tot — Jot down some notes from the menu bar when needed.
  9. Hazel — Don't be crazy with automation. This file management utility covers a lot of use cases. Simple to master.
  10. Bartender 5 — Supercharge the menu bar with this powerful utility to help you organize and tweak menubar items.
  11. PopClip — Text utilities right at the cursor reach. Extensible via free plugins. I can't live without it.
  12. Default Folder X — Quick access to your files and folders while saving or opening documents, no need to go to the Finder. This one is a venerable utility, available since the early days of Mac OS.
  13. HazeOver — Add more visual focus to your work with this visual tweak to any Mac app.
  14. Mapper — Divert any Google Maps links to Apple Maps for believers and Apple fanboys only!
  15. SF Symbols — Go Beyond basic emojis, go for Apple’s Symbols.
  16. Stats — Take a peak at your Mac performance from the menu bar for free!
  17. Vinegar — Clean up YouTube and bring it closer to the Mac visual style!
  18. Unclutter — Keep frequently used information tidbits at your fingertips, including notes, clipboard history and files. Just scroll down from the top of the screen and, voilà! Can also be replaced by those two utility (it’s a matter of preference):
    Paste for Clipboard history + Text snippets. Paste offers a richer clipboard management feature, though.– Default Folder X for easy access to files.
  19. Latest — keep all of your installed apps up to date with this free and open-source utility. No need to buy MacUpdater.
  20. CheatSheet — Get a global view of all keyboard shortcuts for any app displayed on one big panel!
  21. Unsplash Wallpaper — Get an infinite stream of beautiful wallpapers for your Mac desktop!

I run more utilities than those listed here, but those utilities are really helping me be more efficient and productive. Don’t miss my documented content creator toolset page.

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These apps and utilities are part of my many micro-workflows, as documented here.

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