A New Home for the Numeric Citizen Introspection Newsletter

Big news — Ghost is my new home for hosting my newsletter. Bye bye Substack!

A New Home for the Numeric Citizen Introspection Newsletter

Big news — I’m excited to announce that my newsletters have a new home here, on Ghost! Read the official announcement of moving out of Substack. The migration was much smoother than I was expecting. Most of my content has been migrated here. I may tweak a few things here and there, but my migration is 95% complete.

Starting today, Ghost will be my go-to solution for creating the next issues of my Numeric Citizen Introspection newsletter, but also for all future posts of the Friday Notes Series and the Photo Legend Series. Also, expect a more detailed explanation post on the Numeric Citizen I/O blog about my decision to leave Substack behind. It was a nice ride, on top of not having a way to publish content from an application like Ulysses, it didn’t bring the exposure and visibility I was expecting.

In a previous experiment with Ghost, I was not too fond of it because my envisioned use case (photography sharing) wasn’t in line with Ghost’s forte. However, for creating newsletters, it’s another story. While doing some tests this weekend, it was clear that Ghost was up to the task and then some! It didn’t take too long to make a decision.

I hope you enjoy the ride with me here!

This post was created on my M1 Mac mini using Ulysses (something I couldn’t do when publishing new content on Substack)