Bye Bye Universe

The website pages before the end

Nearly a year ago, I introduced my Numeric Citizen Visual Space, a website made with Universe, a website creation application running on iPhone, iPad and macOS. This space never really took off, never attracted traffic, probably because of the lack of a social network dimension to it. In retrospect, this was an experiment more than anything else. The tool took all the place. Universe is a special application where websites are built by using a visual block metaphor. There is nothing like it. I was seduced by it and forgot the end goal of building a web presence to expose my urban exploration photography work. Eventually, I stopped updating my website. I decided to cancel my expensive subscription (159.99$ CAN per year). If there was a free tier, I would probably keep it, but that’s not the case.

I’m still looking for a better photo-sharing solution besides the usual suspects. Glass? Bokeh? Both of these are still under wrap, and their future is uncertain. As I’m waiting, I first decided to “park” my work in a lesser-known place called “Ello.” Ello is a lot like Tumblr. It’s free and does the job for now. But after a while, I decided that wasn’t the right place. The social aspect of it was a bit distracting. My Ello account is now closed forever.

You can still have a look at my Visual Space as the free tier still allows for content to be accessible. I may decide to delete this website too in the near future.

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