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Recently I discovered a photographer’s blog named “AOWS” that I find very interesting and inspiring. One particular article caught my attention: “In praise of imperfect images“. In summary, imperfect images are a good way to find our own photographic style. This is something that I’d like to achieve. But this endeavour is not easy.

One thing is clear to me, I do prefer black & white photography. I’m afraid that finding your style in colour photography leads to caricatural pictures. Colours photography brings way too much information to the viewer at the point where it becomes noise.

An example

Creativity is not about following a clear path. It is about trying things. When processing a picture, it could mean something like sliding the controls toward extremes. It is something to create a perfect image but it is another to create an imperfect one. This is where magic can happen.

When we chase things like sharpness, proper exposure and focus to show everything in the frame, color accuracy… we narrow down our options of making images our own.


The previous picture comes from a walk after a snowstorm. This image cries to be converted to black and white. Why? This image lacks colours anyway. By making a black and white picture, working with contrast, luminosity, shadows and many other parameters, it can turn into something entirely different, unique, singular.

The previous picture is not the final product as things like artificial noise could be added to it. There is a lot of parameters to play with. Together, they will help shape a personality. I expect this process to take time and practice. My goal is that someday, people will look at my work and be able to recognize it as my own thing. I’m patient. I can’t wait. Being imperfect is so humane.

Now, I have some work to do, create imperfect images.

Bonus: a great style example (from 500px).

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