Here is a more personal blog post. I don’t know where it will go from this very moment. My time spent here has been on the decline for a while. I’m not sure that I have full control of my life right now. In recent weeks, my very old parents were more demanding because of health issues. They are slowly but surely losing autonomy. It does put pressure on others hence the lack of time being here writing stuff.

Seeing our parent’s health decline is unbearable but also a powerful image showing the grand circle of life. From sunrise to sunset, life is a long journey. Helping my parents for simple things like to get dressed or to go to bed reminds me that they did the same thing for me when I was a baby. Now it is my turn. That is life.

My parents are now moved to a different place with a lot of caring services. I feel a bit better now that I know more people are available to provide care when they need it. I’m six hours away from my parents. As their health is declining fast, at the same pace for both, I would say, I can see the sun going down, signalling the start of the end for them. We talked about this together, and they express their will: we shouldn’t try too hard to keep them alive in case of significant health problems. All they want is to stay as comfortable as possible when these moments hit.

Now you know why I’m not as often publishing as I use to. I’ll return because this is life.

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