In This Numeric World, There Is Too Much Of Everything

In this numeric world these days, there is too much of everything. How to manage spare time in this world is proving to be pretty challenging. Here is how I fail miserably.

As most of my readers, I read stuff from many sources on the internet for inspiration and blog post ideas. To keep track of them all, I use RSS feeds as much as possible. Reeder is an excellent app for this and is available on all devices in Apple ecosystem. For a few sources like Medium or even Twitter, bookmarks will help me remember to come back and read later. As you can imagine, bookmarks accumulate overtime.

Stimulating engagement is demanding. There are too many conduits for this: Twitter, Microblog, Reddit, specialized forums, etc. Browsing these is time-consuming. Following threads is hard. Responding to people asking questions or commenting is mandatory but is slow.

There is also too much to watch or listen. From Vimeo to YouTube to Netflix and dozen of podcasts, I cannot keep up. There are so many things that I mark to watch later. It is somehow becoming a burden.

There are too many things to do also. As a blogger, I need to keep stimulating myself for ideas to come up. I cannot count how many ideas are waiting in Notes on my iPad or how many photos are put aside to be published. Podcasting is also something that needs a lot of preparation.

Is there a solution to this lack of time? Is this an impossible battle to win? How do you cope with this modern life? Tell me.

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