Taking a Pause of GuruShots

Old triggers in an abandonned place

I’m a lot less active on GuruShots these days. After applying to become a Guru that is able to run his own challenge for more than a month, I’m still waiting for any of my proposed challenges to go live. I have six of them all waiting to be reviewed.

This is the final part of the game experience that I want to try. Everything else is a bit too repetitive. Themes variation is lacking. Daily rewards are always giving you free keys or free swap. They don’t seems to give any free boost and this goes against the idea of more engagement from the players.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to getting more time for something else. Time is a finite resource in my case and I suspect this is the same for you too. I’m directing more efforts here instead which I find to be more rewarding after all.

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