I’ll Give Them 365 Days

In my quest to simply, regain control of my digital assets and pay for what is really worth, if Flickr doesn’t improve materially in the next 365 days from now, I’ll close my account. Period. What next? I’m glad you asked.

I have a few choices. First move my stuff to places like 500px. Nope, Chinese ownership. No go. SmugMug? Nope, owner of Flickr seems like more of the same, this is a no go too. What’s left? Portfolio sites like Adobe Portfolio. Maybe. Squarespace? Could be. Unsplash? I love what they are doing and they are Montreal based too which is nice because I live there. What about WordPress? Oh, this could be really interesting. I could decide to create another blog under the same account or use Numeric Citizen. Having another blog would require me to pay more and this would be more expensive than Flickr. Using the same account could be the most viable option. Well, I have 365 days to decide.

[Update #1: I just read this Adobe Portfolio News Update from October of 2018 and there are many reasons why this could be my next home for my photos… stay tuned.]

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