The Cost of Internet Centralization

Good to see that, some people are starting to realize that giving too much control to places like Facebook or Medium is not good or maybe is not the best fit for everybody’s interests. So, Signal v Noise is leaving Medium. Are we witnessing the start of a rebirth of decentralize writing and blogging ?

From the article:

Beyond that, though, we’ve grown ever more aware of the problems with centralizing the internet. Traditional blogs might have swung out of favor, as we all discovered the benefits of social media and aggregating platforms, but we think they’re about to swing back in style, as we all discover the real costs and problems brought by such centralization.

I’m the proud owner of swung out blog. 🙂


So now we’re back on the indie trail. The new blog is powered by our friends at WordPress, and the new amazing design is courtesy of our in-house designer Adam Stoddard.

How cool is that !?

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