Open-Plan Offices Are Now the Dumbest Management Fad of All Time

According to a study by Harvard reported by Inc. Magazine:

As my colleague Jessica Stillman pointed out last week, a new study from Harvard showed that when employees move from a traditional office to an open plan office, it doesn’t cause them to interact more socially or more frequently.


In fact, work-from-home actually saves money because then employees can live in areas where housing is more affordable, which means you can pay them a smaller salary than if you force them to live in, say, a high-rent district like Santa Clara, California.

I can attest: I have spent many years working in open space offices and this is, for me, not a great thing. In one place, the open space offices were setup without providing a way for employees to go in isolated rooms in order to have private conversations or discussions with a few colleagues. Worst times of my professional life. I’m no longer working there. I do work from home from time to time but I also have an office with better organized open office space. Yet, I still prefer a balance of both worlds.

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