This is a Story of Two Guys Who Met in a Bar…

…eventually they left like everybody else and nobody would go there and then the bar would close. This is a story of many popular bars. They come, they go. Social places have their own life and their own death for one reason or another. Facebook, is social place that eventually will become a thing of the past. Last year (2018) was the year Facebook fucked up big time. They won’t recover easily if at all from this. So people re leaving… like me… but this won’t cause Facebook to disappear. Reading this piece from M.G. Siegler “F*ckedbook” on Medium:

(…) it wouldn’t be a mass exodus that would kill Facebook, it would be the younger generations who don’t use it in the first place.

Ask any teenager or young adult where they spend time online? Snapchat and… Instagram. The latter is owned by Facebook yet, I suspect it isn’t as data hungry as Facebook, the social network is. Many people who stay on Facebook are passive, they don’t contribute much. If they want to get in touch with their friends, they use something else than Facebook. Recently, Zuckerberg said one of their biggest competitor is iMessage on iOS by far. This is one of the ways people are escaping Facebook and this is how Facebook will slowly and painfully die.

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