I’ll Quit Facebook And You Don’t Care

Excellent story here by By Jason Koebler : We Should Replace Facebook With Personal Websites. Facebook is not the Internet. I want to puke each time I stumble on a company “website” which is in fact a Facebook page. I hate Facebook pages. I hate Facebook period.. I’m going to quit in the next few weeks. My friends don’t know it yet. I’m writing my last post for Facebook these days. I don’t know yet when I’m going to pull the plug but I’m going to do it.

This blog is in part all about leaving Facebook and regaining control of my numeric social life. And I could’t be happier. People who want to give me some news they can reach me by email, by phone or even my blog. If I want to get some news from old friends I know how to reach for them because I have their email or their phone numbers. Those are my closest friends. I care about them and I hope they care about me. For the others? It is noise on the line. Simple as that. As I get older, I make more choices et select what is more valuable to me. Quitting Facebook is part of all this. Being here also.

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