GuruShots Tips, Tricks and Cheat Sheet

This is the second article on GuruShots, the photography game. In the first article “How to Become a Guru at the GuruShots Game” I described how to create your photographer profile, how to enter challenges and play. This time, I want to give you the best tips and tricks on playing the game. These are a summary of things I learned over the year playing the game. If you want to play GuruShots and be successful, read on and you’ll thank me later.

  • Be picky when selecting photos for a challenge. Respect the theme.
  • For challenges with four photos, as soon as you decide to enter the challenge, select four photos, no less. If a photo doesn’t perform well, you’ll be able to swap for another one. More photos gives you more votes so the higher you will finish the challenge.
  • For long lasting challenges, enter in the last 24 hours. It doesn’t make a difference for the final results are most of the voting sessions by others happen at the last minute anyway. You’ll save time and be able to do other things of your life, like reading my blog. But, if the challenge is in “locked” state, you’ll need a key to unlock it and enter the challenge.
  • For speed challenges enter in the last 4 hours. Same for long lasting challenges, most of the activity happens at the end.
  • Before swapping one of your picture, wait for voting to stabilize. At some point, your photos won’t get more votes for many hours… if your exposure level is at the maximum, then this means your photos won’t really get new votes. It is safe to swap one of them, the one with the worst score.
  • Generally speaking, for me at least, I perform better in very specific challenge themes. Exemple for narrow theme is “flying birds”. But “Your best shot” is way more general theme and it is difficult to get a good score in these challenges because you are competing with very talented photographers.
  • If you are not sure to understand the theme meaning, open the challenge and look at the current guru picks or the current ranking. You’ll see lots of photos, best ranking ones are the theme best representation of the theme.
  • If you have “Fills” available, use them when you enter a challenge and see quickly how your photos are performing. You’ll save time. But remember, “Fills” are not free. When you don’t have one, you’ll need to buy them.
  • If you want to use one of your “Boost”, wait when the photos don’t get anymore votes for a while. And use your “Boost” near the end of a challenge and apply it on the best performing photo. Remember, “Boosts” aren’t free and use them while your exposure level is at the maximum.
  • If you decide to enter early in a challenge is because you may just love to browse (and vote) for great pictures! That is ok !
  • If you enter late in a challenge, you may be ask for a key as the challenge may be in a “locked” state. Users without special keys will be kept out.

With these tips, I hope you get better at GuruShots and eventually become a Guru! Enjoy playing! If you want to create your profile, follow this link. If you want to see my profile, follow this link.

Disclaimer, I’m not paid by Gurushots for this article.

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  1. Hi All. Is nice to read about Gurushots. Thanks for the Tips.
    One question. To win a challenge Is it a “must” make a swap?

    Thanks and best luck for all

  2. I would like to ask about how to recive the prize in gurushots. My friend won twice and doesn’t know what to do to get the money. I will be gratefull for the answer.

  3. I’ve got enough Guru Picks, All Star Ranks and GS Points to move into Master rank but I’m stuck at Champion because I can’t seem to get any Top 5% ranks. Any advice for that specifically?

  4. Thank you for your much appreciated tips and tricks!
    I noticed that watermarks are not favourite for Guru picks, which of course is understandable.
    I used to watermark my photos too but know now it doesn’t make sense 😉

  5. Thank you for your help! I am enjoying submitting my pics and I am always learning in the field of photography. Would love to find you & follow you, I will try. Thanks again.

      1. OK Jean-François, je viens de vous trouver. De très belles photos, ce sera un plaisir de vous suivre 🙂

      1. Indeed 🙂 Seems that my second message was lost, so I’l say again that you have some great pics and that I will enjoy following you, here and on Gurushots. À bientôt!

  6. I’ve been a GuruShots player for about 3 weeks, I achieved Expert quite soon but could not move on. And then, the first day I started to follow your tips I received my first Guru’s Pick and became a Champion. It’s really awsome, thank you!

  7. Thank you for this article. I have a couple of questions:
    Here is a scenario: Let’s say a Dominant Blue challenge (4 photos) is going to end in 2 hours.
    – I joined exactly 2 hr before close. What is the best time you would join? I know it is all about timing, so I am asking for the precise time! 🙂 No worries if you can’t answer.
    – What is the order for swapping? Fill>boost>Swap or Boost>Fill>Swap?
    — Also, what happens if I swap my best performing image (after votes have stabilized) when the exposure meter is high and it has boost?

    1. Hi,
      It is hard to say when is the right time to join… one thing is sure, they now require a key in order to join a challenge 24 hrs or less before the end of the challenge. If you don’t have a key, you can’t join unless you buy one. For sure, if you join in the last few hours of a challenge, you will no really affect your final score as long as you maintain your exposure to the max level.

      For the second question, the best order, for me at least, is : fill first. swap the least performing photos… and near the end, boost your best shot.
      Hope this helps.

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