I'm working on another long piece... to be published in a few days from now... On the left Keynote, on the right, Ulysses.

The Blogging Mindset

M.G. Siegler has an interesting article about "The Blogging Mindset". (...) If I spent too much time reading over other thoughts and reviews, my own became weaker, not stronger, as a result. This is, it would seem, at least partially human nature. Every situation has nuance and taking in more views moves you ever closer to the... Continue Reading →

Blogger’s Anxiety

Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash Saturday noon. No more blog posts in the queue. Don't know what to write about. Does this happen to all bloggers? I guess so. This is the blogger's anxiety. I have to sit down and think. I have quite a few things that I want to touch with my thoughts and... Continue Reading →

Being In a Post Facebook Era

The more I write and the more I have to read and the more I have something to write about. This thought popped up in my head this morning. It reminded me my time on Facebook where I would share thoughts on controversial subjects that I was passionate about. Over time I found out that... Continue Reading →

Expressing Regrets

I feel some regrets about not coming sooner than 2018 to revive this blog. Instead, I elected to spread myself all over the place: Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter. But times are changing. Things are shaping up pretty well around two subjects: Apple and digital photography. I'm back here for a long time!

The Effect of Returning to my Blog

This blog exists since 2015. After a first year with a few posts that attracted a lot of readership, I went silence for a long time. I decided to come back a few weeks ago because I had this renewed desire to write about a few subjects that I love. See the effects of my... Continue Reading →

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