Why I Do Urban Exploration

Urban exploration is about exploring cities, from the best parts to the worst. I like doing both. This blog post is all about expressing my constant desire to explore abandoned places. They can be churches, schools, old businesses, hospitals, etc. So going out for an urban exploration session, doing urbex I could say, is always... Continue Reading →

A Glimpse …

... of my outing today for some urbex time with my friends. A can of beer on a frozen floor. I will need the next few weeks to process my 600+ photos.

Urbex Session Tomorrow

Going out tomorrow for an urbex session with a few friends. Meanwhile, here is the kind of things we end up finding while on the go. We are doing an abandoned church. Should be quite different though. Stay tuned.

Before & After 8

For this one, I tried a different presentation. Instead of juxtaposing the original picture on the left and the processed one on the right in the same frame, I decided to create a very short movie showing the unprocessed picture then the processed one in a repeating loop. You can pause the movie to see... Continue Reading →

Somewhere on the road in Spain or Portal, can't remember I won't be able to go out for my urban exploration trip today as previously planned for two reasons. First, all the envisioned places are locked down and / or under heavy surveillance by security guards. Second this morning temperature is way too cold with... Continue Reading →

Urban Exploration Coming

This coming saturday there is a good chance that I go out with a friend of mine doing some more urban exploration (urban for short). I've been doing this for two years and I love it. I'm going to write more about urbex in the future. Meanwhile, here is a photo that I took at... Continue Reading →


Eventually I will write about my urban exploration experiences... this is one of the so many pictures I've taken.

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