Here is the latest addition to the photo legend series. Enjoy. I wasn't flying on a plane. I was simply standing on one of the many volcanos in Hawaii. This is what I could see through my camera at this time. These clouds, the sky was so inspiring at this very moment. If you really... Continue Reading →

Here is the latest addition to the photo legend series. Enjoy. I always liked miniatures when I was a young child. As an architect, my father used to create them for some of his projects. Now, as a grown up, I’m still always impressed by this art form. When I get a chance to take a picture of a miniature, it’s always from an immersive point of view just like when I was young.

Here is the latest addition to the photo legend series. Enjoy. This photo was taken from the balcony of my hotel this summer, in Vancouver. Heavily edited to compensate for the lack of light, this photo comes from my iPhone 7. Since I have upgraded to the iPhone 11 Pro, I wonder how better this picture would look today.

Here is the latest addition to the photo legend series. Enjoy. This sculpture in the old part of downtown Montreal is fascinating. Close to my previous work offices, I finally decided to spend the time and see what it is like. I took many pictures and this one is probably the most interesting one to publish.

I took the train yesterday to go see one of our clients. It is a two hours and a half trip. Early in the morning, some of the scenes outside can be inspiring. Here is a photo showing surrounding fields with the fog still on the ground. I wish I could have stopped by for... Continue Reading →

Photo Legend 14

One of the many photo taken during my vacation in Hawaii. This one feels special to me but I’m not sure why. Believe it or not, this scene was in the morning, in front of our bed & breakfast. There was this ray of light coming out through the clouds. I came back in to... Continue Reading →

I rarely post a photo with me on it. This one was taken by my wife with her iPhone X while on vacation in Hawaii. I chose to post it as part of the photo legend series. Why? Because it shows me while doing something that I really love: doing photography while on a trip.... Continue Reading →

Continuing my photo legend series, here is my newest one titled: "Life". We made a small weekend trip last week at the Von Trapp Family lodge in Vermont, US to meet our American friends from Denver, CO. While walking with them, I had this instant love affair with this flower that was just waiting for... Continue Reading →

My view at the top This is my first bike ride to the mountain just at the center of Montreal city. It is called Mount Royal. Very popular tourist attraction. I'm trying to do this ride each weekend. This is an 18 km ride back and forth from my home. I love this place. This... Continue Reading →

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