On iTunes, Marzipan and Expectations

Stephen Hackett writing on 512Pixels about Marzipan apps on the Mac: I hope for some improvements, but I think the truth is that these apps are going to feel weird compared to old-fashioned AppKit ones. Marzipan apps don't have to look weird. Apple has to try harder. The technology is new and it will take... Continue Reading →

The Death of iTunes is Near

iTunes being replaced by four new apps in macOS next major release. Big scoop Yep. You read it loud and clear: the death of iTunes is near. According to a major discovery made by Guilherme Rambo for 9to5Mac. Version 10.15 of macOS will include four new applications specifically created to replace major parts of iTunes... Continue Reading →

The Missing Link in Current iPad Product Line

Photo by Daniel Korpai on Unsplash Neil Cybart writing for Above Avalon: Thoughts on Apple's Revised iPad Line: This takes us to software - the missing link. All of the signs point to Apple getting the iPad line ready for new software features unveiled at this year’s WWDC. This week’s hardware updates cap off the... Continue Reading →

Apple Facing Big Challenges With iOS 13

Here is a great read about iOS multitasking weaknesses: What’s Wrong With iOS 11/12 Multitasking — Fraser Speirs. iOS 11 was a great update for the iPad with drag & drop support coupled with “real” multitasking feature. This article, supposedly written a long time ago for iOS 11 is all about one thing: the amount... Continue Reading →

Apple et son projet Marzipan (French)

Dans ce huitième épisode, j’explique ce qu’est le projet Marzipan de Apple, les raisons de son existante et les motivations réelles d’Apple derrière ce projet. J'y vais de quelques prédictions surprenantes! Vous êtes avertis! Référence dans ce podcast: article détaillé sur le projet Marzipan: Apple’s Motivation for Marzipan. Merci d’avoir écouté ce podcast. Visitez le blogue... Continue Reading →

Apple’s Motivation for Marzipan

NO. I've been thinking about Apple's Marzipan project since rumors started to flow last year before the WWDC 2018 developers conference where it was officially announced. I wrote a blog post about it a few weeks ago. I keep thinking about it. Brent Simmons, a well known developer has many many questions still without answers.... Continue Reading →

This is fascinating if you compare this to Android installed based. It doesn't require a big scientific study to see how much torc Apple has on its ecosystem. New features are pretty much guaranteed to be in widespread use in less than six months after release. Somehow I think it doesn't always benefit Apple though... Continue Reading →

On Smartphones Security Updates

Take a moment to look at this detailed table of security update availability by platforms and brands. There are a few interesting take out here. First. no surprise, Apple is the leader in keeping their platform secure. Second, I see a few players that are no longer in business: Windows and Essentials. Surprisingly, Microsoft/Nokia was... Continue Reading →

Please Update to iOS 12.1.4 ASAP

For your safety, please consider taking a 5-10 minutes break today to update all your iOS devices to iOS 12.1.4 which fix the FaceTime bug. It also fix two other zero-day vulnerabilities that were known to be exploited in the wild according to... Google 😳. Once updated, you'll be able to use Group Facetime again... Continue Reading →

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