On Apple’s Second Quarter Financial Results

Apple's second quartier financial results are in. Here is a few of my own observations. Services revenues increasing iPad sales are up 22% which shows that the iPad Pro are very appealing and selling well. Why? Because the recently relased iPad Air was too late in the quarter. Same thing for the iPad mini. I... Continue Reading →

Simple Take Out From Apple Q1 2019 Results

Apple Services - an great growth story Apple is on the course of becoming a services company as iPhone revenues are decreasing. Can you imahgine if Apple was really good at services? Please, do yourself a favor and head to MacStories web site for detailed informations regarding Apple's last quarter results. There are a lot... Continue Reading →

Oops. Bad Guidance. Great Opportunity.

Yesterday, much to our surprise, Apple created a commotion by announcing that they had to lower their guidance for the last quarter that ended on December 29. In short, iPhone sales are not what they expected mainly because of the Chinese market. As the iPhone is still the main driver of Apple numbers, this is... Continue Reading →

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