In this photo processing session, I had quite a lot of work to do. First, my intention was to give a very old look to this monument. The idea was to put emphasis on the monument's texture and ornaments. I had to straight it up and make the background less visible.

Photos doesn't always need a lot of processing to look better. In this case, adding texture to the walls was needed (by increasing contrast). A little bit more saturated colours helped a but too. Finally one could say that blacks are a bit too much on the top right corner but my intention was to... Continue Reading →

Here is my latest photo comparison from the untouched photo to the processed one. Hope you like my interpretation of what is a better version.

Before & After 15

It's been a long time since I published a "Before & After" post. Here is one from a cemetery in my city. For me, cemeteries are very difficult subjects for a few reasons. First, these places are often very crowded with many many things side by side and so it is difficult to find a... Continue Reading →

Before & After 14

Let's go and be spooky here. On the left, the original photo. By looking closely, you'll see this photo wasn't good at all.. very fuzzy with bad lighting. With a lot of processing with Snapseed, I could circumvent many of the original photo defects.

Sweeting Out The Details

Here is why shooting in RAW is a good idea. A seemingly bad photo can turn quite good after a few minutes of processing in Lightroom on the iPad. Push the shadows, reduce highlights The final version follows.

Before & After 13

It's been a long time since I published something in this series of processed pictures. In this case, I wanted to give an oldish looking dating back to the polaroid days.

Revisiting Iceland Visually

Looking back in my photos library, I kind of revisited a place. Last summer I went to Iceland for three days. I took this picture. As you may have guessed it, this was processed with Lightroom. So I included a brief movie showing how the original photo looked. I like the dramatic look that I... Continue Reading →

Before & After 12

Here is a photo of a building that is part of the McGill university campus downtown Montreal that I took in 2004. I thought the climbing tree on the concrete wall was creating a nice contrast, one opposing a very fragile and living thing against something so robust without life.

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