One Last Comment About AirPower Snafu

Apple announced the AirPower along the iPhone X. They didn't ship it and canceled the whole thing. Apple now look dump. If you want a good perspective on why Apple pre-announced AirPower, I suggest that you take ten minutes to read Steven Sinofsky excellent piece "Pre-Announcing as a Strategy" The idea of pre-announcing a product at... Continue Reading →

The Land of Unfinished Projects at Apple

Copland. Bedrock. OpenDoc (was shipping but not finished). Gershwin. 3GHZ PowerPC Power Mac. Dashboard widgets exclusive to .Mac users, open sourced FaceTime. And this is what we know. Now AirPower. This isn't the first case of unreleased but announced product by Apple. People are freaking out. Apple is doomed because they shouldn't have told the... Continue Reading →

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