My Best On GuruShots

I didn't know that a previously won photo could be later selected for a showcase like this. Anyway, this is my best photo on GuruShots. This base taken in the US at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado. If you happen to go there and see this, you'll know. 😎

If you are fascinated by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, a field of AI, then I recommend this article "Machine Learning | An Introduction" by Gavin Edwards. Machine Learning techniques are being used in more and more places in our lives and it seems to me that this is an interesting subject to learn about... Continue Reading →

If You Love The 1950s And The Incredibles Movie

Here is a great article "The Graphic Art of Incredibles 2" about the sources of inspiration for the Incredibles movie by Walt Disney Pixar. It goes from buildings, private houses, street signs, products marketing, building signs, etc. I enjoyed both of these movies quite a lot.

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