Numeric Citizen Podcast #3 – More About Me

In this episode, after giving you an update on my podcasting experience, I’m talking about me and my four passions (Apple, Photography, Privacy, Climate Change).

Things that I referenced during this episode:
Lention USB-c hub:

Compass arm for my Yeti microphone from Blue Designs company:

The Business of Internetting, with Stephen Hackett from The Stalman Podcast by Tyler Stalman, episode 44

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Numeric Citizen Podcast – #2 – Quitting Facebook

In this episode, I’m talking about my experience of leaving Facebook. That is not an easy thing to do but the process is fully engaged.

Enjoy and thanks for listening. Please feel free to visit my blog @ for all the news and personal comments on my experience quitting Facebook or comments about privacy and a lot more.

Numeric Citizen Podcast – Episode 1 – Expectations for Apple in 2019

In this episode, an update on my new podcast adventure and my expectations for Apple in the upcoming year on three different angles: hardware, software and services. Show note: I’m referring to Apple’s new plans for macOS with the codename « Marzipan », see more of my comments here: Finally, sorry for some of the background noises, this will be fixed in future episodes. 

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Introducing The Numeric Citizen Podcast

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been working recently on a project that I want to share with you. I’m starting a new adventure. I’m starting a new podcast and this is the first (pilot) episode. Think of it as the “Hello World” episode. This is a first for me. I’m testing a lot of new things. I’m using Ferrite on the iPad. I know this is not perfect. It needs improvements. It sounds like I’m reading but this will change over time. Give me some more time. I’m a french speaking guy, English is my second language. Oh, I’m lacking good recording gear too but this is coming very soon.

It will be available on Apple’s Podcasts directory soon (I guess). Hoping for comments from you ladies and gentlemen.

The is the first edisode of the Numeric Citizen Podcast – The “Hello World” episode
The official podcast artwork – all done on the iPad