Guest Appearance on “And You Are?” Podcast

Last weekend I had the privilege and pleasure to be invited on the "And You Are?" Podcast as a guest speaker with @GR36. We chat about quite a few different subjects from Apple, learning iOS development, digital photography and urban exploration. You can listen to the episode right here.

Apple And Podcasting

Following the recent announcement that Spotify was buying Anchor, a very popular platform for podcasts creator, I was wondering if Apple would react. The fact that there is nothing on Apple's offerings that can compete against Anchor or Spotify. There is no tools to facilitate podcasts creation on Apple's platforms. And, from the company... Continue Reading →

Behind The Scene Details About Numeric Citizen Podcast Creation

I thought I could share more details about the just released Numeric Citizen Podcast. The raison d'etre for this podcast is to add another medium for expression and maybe help reach reach more people with same interests. I want to use this medium to complement my blog. I'm going to talk about the same subjects:... Continue Reading →

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