Shot On… What ?

Great story here: "Man Can’t Explain Why Prize-Winning Photo is Identical to Another Photog’s". "In September 2018, the Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus announced the winners of a #ShotonOnePlus photo contest in India to celebrate the best photos captured by its phone cameras. One of the winning shots was a shock to photographer Aman Bhargava: it looked strangely similar... Continue Reading →

I’ll Give Them 365 Days

In my quest to simply, regain control of my digital assets and pay for what is really worth, if Flickr doesn't improve materially in the next 365 days from now, I'll close my account. Period. What next? I'm glad you asked. I have a few choices. First move my stuff to places like 500px. Nope,... Continue Reading →

The Purge Has Begun

Today is the day where Flickr is starting to delete photos from free accounts with more than 1000 photos in them. The purge has begun. SmugMug, the new owner of the service promised changes and improvements to Flickr. Did they deliver ? What was improved ? There is a few things here and there but... Continue Reading →

Before & After 14

Let's go and be spooky here. On the left, the original photo. By looking closely, you'll see this photo wasn't good at all.. very fuzzy with bad lighting. With a lot of processing with Snapseed, I could circumvent many of the original photo defects.

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