On Vacation With iOS 13 – Files & Photos

I took many many RAW photos in Maui, Hawaii. I tried to dig into them with my HyperDrive USB-C hub connected on my iPad running iOS 13. I wanted to see what I could publish on my blog while on vacation. But the current state of RAW images browsing from Files.app is still very weak,... Continue Reading →

I rarely post a photo with me on it. This one was taken by my wife with her iPhone X while on vacation in Hawaii. I chose to post it as part of the photo legend series. Why? Because it shows me while doing something that I really love: doing photography while on a trip.... Continue Reading →

In this image, the processing was done to make the texture of the tree stand out against the sky. Zoom in on the foliage to experience the texture. This was possible because of the position of the sun on the top left part of the image. I wanted to try something more creative than usual.... Continue Reading →

My Second GuruShots Challenge Winner

My second GuruShots challenge ended yesterday. The subject: fences. I didn't know what to expect. My top pick is the following picture. My top pick This image conveys a lot more than just a fence with a great Bokeh effect. By having this little guy in there, just on the right place, it makes quite... Continue Reading →

Before & After 23

This church is part of my latest urban exploration session with my friends. This cross was suspended in the air but the original image doesn't show this clearly because of the low light and the roof in the background. This picture was taken with my iPhone and processed on the iPad with Lightroom CC. As... Continue Reading →

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