Not Returning to Facebook Anytime Soon

Here is why I won't return to Facebook anytime soon. Things have to change at this company. Or it will come from within or it will be imposed sometimes from the outside. I'm patiently waiting for this to happen. Great speech by Sacha Baron Cohen.

The Other Apple Product: Privacy

Don’t forget an important part of Apple Forget about the latest AirPods Pro or the upcoming Mac Pro. Don’t think about the latest episode of For All Mankind. What Apple would like us to think about is how they care about Privacy. Head to the Apple web site to learn more and see many clever... Continue Reading →

@Jack, Twitter: Bravo! Please, read the thread which explains the decision I applaud this decision by Twitter's CEO. It is precisely what the doctor ordered. Look at the likes and retweets count from his followers. It is clear people are approving this move. It is not only about being able to put money behind, but it is... Continue Reading →

Can Privacy be Simple?

Can privacy be simple? This is what Apple is trying to say with this latest ad on its YouTube channel. With aerial scenes of offices in skyscrapers, background piano coupled with a female voiceover, Apple puts up what privacy is all about. The message is simple, clear, concise. Great ad but it is always... Continue Reading →

Silence Unknown Callers in iOS 13

For a few days now, I'm receiving calls from all around the world. The vast majority of them coming from Africa and some from Central America. The only time I answered, nobody was talking. I know of many people, including me, get phone calls with recorded message in Chinese. These calls are different. I don't... Continue Reading →

Mistakes, Really?

Following the publication of my long blog post about Siri privacy protection this week, I read a follow-up post from John Gruber on Daringfireball. He writes (emphasis is mine): My take on this saga was severely critical, but I am convinced this was a mistake — really, a series of mistakes — on Apple’s part, not an indication that the... Continue Reading →

Here Is Why I Value My Privacy

Here is an excellent reminder by DuckDuckGo on why we should value (more) our privacy. Tracking people only is much wider than for serving targeted ads. I'm a proud user of DuckDuckGo for a few months now. It fills 95% of my needs. For the remaining 5%, Ok Google.

On Tracking People

Thought of the day: Imagine if we could replicate in real-world what it looks like to be tracked online. For each script embedded in a web page, we have a real person with a notepad following you everywhere you choose to go. This would include people listening to your conversations. Certain websites can have more... Continue Reading →

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