Being Unsplashed!

Big surprise for me today, one of my latest pictures has made it to the editorial feed on Unsplash. I wrote a post about this service a few weeks ago because it is a very nice, speedy and cool photo sharing web site. Photo taken during my previous urbex session Being selected has a big... Continue Reading →

Numeric Citizen Podcast #5 – Spécial Flickr (French)

Learn how I plan to replace my Flickr account in the future. Quitter Flickr oui mais pour aller où? Apprenez comment je pense remplacer mon compte Flickr d’ici un an. Références mentionnées durant l'épisode: Mon profil Flickr:  Mon profil Unsplash:  Au sujet de Unsplash: SmugMug buys Flickr:   Thanks for listening. Please visit... Continue Reading →

Small Review Adobe Portfolio

As you know, Flickr is having some growing issues with the recently changed rules for free account and I'm considering closing my account. But, where should I publish my photography work after closing my Flickr account? On 500px? Or SmugMug? What about Unsplash? I think I found a better way. Enters Adobe Portfolio. Adobe Portfolio... Continue Reading →

Before & After 15

It's been a long time since I published a "Before & After" post. Here is one from a cemetery in my city. For me, cemeteries are very difficult subjects for a few reasons. First, these places are often very crowded with many many things side by side and so it is difficult to find a... Continue Reading →

Lightroom CC February Update Review

Adobe released a slew of updates this week and I want to start with Lightroom CC on the iPad and macOS. Many enhancements are provided but I want to focus on a few of them, the ones that mathers most to me. There is a "enhance details" feature based on Adobe Sensei AI engine that... Continue Reading →

News Tips and Updates About GuruShots Game

Recently, GuruShots introduced a few changes to their game and I thought this would be a great occasion to bring you some updated comments about the game. First, let's go over the Daily Reward feature. This new feature allows the users to accomplish tasks (generally four) in exchange of perks life free Fills, free Swaps... Continue Reading →

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