More Observations from Processing RAW Images on iOS 13

There are many mysteries surrounding RAW image handling on iOS. This weekend I experienced a few of them. Here are a few tidbits of information that you might like to know. Capturing Fall Colors This weekend I went out to capture fall colors in a small regional mountain park in Mont Saint-Hilaire, near Montreal, Canada.... Continue Reading →

Pixelmator Photo Getting Serious

Pixelmator Photo new features Following the recent update of Pixelmator Photo, I had a chance to play with it. From what I'm seeing, this photo editing app for iPadOS is getting really serious. Now fully supporting iPadOS 13, this update brings quite a few notable features. Importing RAW images from the document browser Support for... Continue Reading →

iPhone 11 Pro Compared to a 100 MP Camera

Unedited photo taken with telephoto camera of the iPhone 11 Pro. How do you think an iPhone 11 Pro compares to a $13,000 camera capable of producing 100 megapixels RAW images? Do you think it is a bad idea to even consider comparing both of them? Well, maybe not as Josh Rossi recently wrote for... Continue Reading →

Is JPEG the new MP3?

As good as smartphones can be at taking pictures, as good as they can render a certain reality, are smartphones just the new MP3 players? Is JPEG the new MP3? The fact is that most of those pictures taken by our smartphones are mostly consumed on the small screen. For the vast majority of people,... Continue Reading →

My Photographer Challenge

Over the years, my photography skills improved quite a bit. Since 2016, I’m shooting in RAW most of the time and it makes a big difference. I started doing urban exploration which offers a quite different photography style. But there is one challenge that I can’t quite tackle: human photography in candid situations. Here is... Continue Reading →

Impressive Night Shot From iPhone 11 Pro

I don’t know how this is possible, but someone was able to take a night shot with the iPhone 11 Pro. Left shot is the one from the iPhone 11 Pro. It is where I think Apple is leading over Google and others in photography: pushing the boundaries of computational photography while keeping it... Continue Reading →

Traditional Digital Cameras Slowly Going Away

If recent earnings results from Nikon are any indication, the digital cameras sales are in free fall. Canon is not doing any better. Here is what could be happening in plain sight. After killing the point and shoot camera market, the smartphones with the iPhone is now taking over the rest, slowly but surely. Camera... Continue Reading →

What Are RAW Images?

What are RAW images? I'm glad you asked and Apple may have an answer for you. The App Store editorial team did a great job of explaining in simple terms what RAW images are. The article explains why they offer more information than JPEGs. Head to this link for all the details. It is a... Continue Reading →

On iPhone Realness In Photography

The next iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 11, will be revealed to the world in a few days, on September 10th. For me, this could be one of the most exciting release of an iPhone in a long time. Here is why. If you are a long time reader of my blog, you know that I’m... Continue Reading →

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