Photo taken during my long walk outside this past weekend with dear friends. Sometimes I feel Canada should get a new name: Winter. I loved this tree standing there. I knew I could do something about this scene. See the previous edition of Photo Legend here.

This very short clip shows the "before and after" look of a processed picture from a building in Havana during my last vacation trip. This abandoned housing building looked pretty creepy, but I felt I could make it really spooky. It was fascinatingly standing out of its surroundings. As you can see, a seemingly dull... Continue Reading →

Big Update to my Adobe Portfolio

I spent a few hours today to update my Adobe portfolio. Here is a summary of the changes: Added "Humans" gallery. Added a small description to each photo gallery.Updated galleries' cover photo.Added a lot of missing pictures in all galleries.Added an About page.Added a link to my own blog. Updated Architecture photo gallery My goal... Continue Reading →

This personal selection of pictures is based on a non statistical method, only based on emotional method. Each of them represents a dear moment of my life in 2019.

Is Doomsday Near for Flickr?

My Flickr homepage Is doomsday near for Flickr? Flickr difficult times are not over yet. Flickr's CEO writing this week to Flickr Pro members (like me): Flickr still needs your help. It’s still losing money. You, and hundreds of thousands of loyal Flickr members stepped up and joined Flickr Pro, for which we are eternally... Continue Reading →

Adobe Lightroom CC: Importing RAW Images

At long last, Adobe Lightroom CC 5.1 now fully supports importing RAW images from external sources plugged into your iPad. Thanks for the latest update released today. I was waiting for this since iOS 13 announcement this summer. With Lightroom CC 5.0, importing photos from was possible but required more steps. Now, with version... Continue Reading →

Here is the latest addition to the Before & After series. Enjoy. What a great sunset it was. As you can see, more contrast added to the cloudy sky. Better lighting in the foreground vegetation. Generally more definition to the overall look.

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