Surveillance state is what comes to my mind at the time of the photo. I was standing there in the middle of the metro station. Looking up and seeing this kind of big eye looking at me, I had this idea. I chose to oppose this by pointing my own camera to this dangling thing.... Continue Reading →

Recovering your Photos from Your Dead iPhone

Photo by Carlos Santiago on Unsplash Recovering your photos from your dead iPhone could be possible. Don’t let Apple deceive you. When asking about this kind of problem, they say they cannot do something about it. Why? Because according to this story from CBC by Alex Shprintsen, a trained molecular biologist stay-at-home mom is doing just that: recovering... Continue Reading →

My growing love affair with Unsplash goes on and on. Here are my stats for March 2019. I'm in the top 10% contributor. I always think that if I can be in the top 30% of anything, I'm good to go. But at 10%, this is unexpected. But my growing love affair with this web-based... Continue Reading →

Pixelmator Photo for iPad: a Capable Photo Editor at a Low Price

Today is the official release of Pixelmator Photo, a new and capable photo editor at a bargain price for the iPad. I had a chance to try the application for a week. Here are my observations. But first, let me express my love for this company and everything they do. Pixelmator Photo welcome screen My... Continue Reading →

Before & After 21

Before & After 21: This is my latest "Before & After" post. First, at the top, a few comments about some attributes. There is at least two things to fix in this picture: contrast and perspective. These are the most obvious ones. The photo was reframed because the top structure of the ceiling wasn't needed.... Continue Reading →

Photo Legend 5

Here is my newest addition to my photo legend series. They were all waiting for the train. Looking at something. I was fascinated by this lonely guy reading a newspaper. We don't see that often these days. It is not always easy to get the right pictures with a lot of humans. I took about... Continue Reading →

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