During this 36 hours snowstorm, Montreal received close to 40 cm of snow. That is quite a big one.

Climate Change Is Coming At You

Dear America, climate change is coming at you. Fast. A devastating report published by the Washington Post: Extreme climate change has arrived in America. It's coming to Canada too.

Major Winter Storm Coming In

Wednesday looks to be a nightmare for many as a major snowstorm will come visit us, in Montreal, Canada. We are expecting more than 30 cm this time. Could be worst than the previous one. Expect to see some photos of this in the coming days. Snow fall predictions map

Clear And Present Danger

Reading this article from the NYT: "It’s Official: 2018 Was the Fourth Warmest Year on Record" and I have a feeling that should be in a state of crisis against climate change like we were following 9-11. Simple as that. There is no question in my mind that if we don't act swiftly we will... Continue Reading →

Australia in January 2019

Following an official announcement from the Bureau of Meteorology of Australia: January was an exceptionally warm month. It was the warmest January on record for Australia in terms of mean, maximum, and minimum temperatures. The national mean temperature was 2.91 °C above average. Maximum temperatures were 3.37 °C above average and minimum temperatures were 2.45... Continue Reading →

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