More Observations from Processing RAW Images on iOS 13

There are many mysteries surrounding RAW image handling on iOS. This weekend I experienced a few of them. Here are a few tidbits of information that you might like to know. Capturing Fall Colors This weekend I went out to capture fall colors in a small regional mountain park in Mont Saint-Hilaire, near Montreal, Canada.... Continue Reading →

Me, a MacBook Pro and an Inconvenient Truth

In recent days, unexpectedly, at my work, I got a chance to replace my perfectly fine Windows laptop from HP with a controversial 2017 MacBook Pro, from Apple. Did I make the right choice? Here is an inconvenient truth. A controversial keyboard, a controversial touchbar A poisened gift? The story is simple. One of my... Continue Reading →

The Risky Business of Installing Apple’s Beta Releases [Updated]

I've been on the beta of iOS for as long as Apple offered them to the general public. I never had an issue with installing new beta releases. Yes, I had issues while using them, that is another matter. But, installing beta over and over, nope. Until yesterday. Here is my short story about the... Continue Reading →

iPhone 11 Pro Compared to a 100 MP Camera

Unedited photo taken with telephoto camera of the iPhone 11 Pro. How do you think an iPhone 11 Pro compares to a $13,000 camera capable of producing 100 megapixels RAW images? Do you think it is a bad idea to even consider comparing both of them? Well, maybe not as Josh Rossi recently wrote for... Continue Reading →

October 5th I certainly miss him. Always wondering how different Apple and their products would be if he was still around. But he is not. And Apple is quite different yet still has many bits and traits of his legacy. RIP.

On iPhone 11 Pro Cameras

Following a recent blog post by John Gruber about the iPhone 11 Pro cameras modes, I made a summary table that you might find useful. It complements my recent review of the iPhone 11 Pro. This is how the iPhone 11 Pro operates its cameras Deep fusion should become available with iOS 13.2 currently in... Continue Reading →

Before Upgrading your Mac to macOS Catalina [Updated]

Apple’s latest major release of macOS is around the corner. Supposedly launching this month, here is what you must do to prepare your Mac for macOS Catalina. But, first things first, is your Mac on the list of the supported machines? See for yourself. Supported Macs for macOS Catalina upgrade Upgrade your backup strategy Carbon... Continue Reading →

On Apple Watch App Store Experience

With watchOS 6.0, Apple brings the App Store experience to the wrist. Is it a good idea? I’m afraid the answer is no. Here is why. A few days ago, I came across a watch-only app that I found interesting: Moon++. This is a watch-only app as it doesn’t come with an iPhone companion app.... Continue Reading →

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