On Sign In with Apple

Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash Of all the new features that iOS 13 will bring, there this one that I can't wait to use: Sign in with Apple. Here is why. MacStories published an interesting article about the upcoming Sign In with Apple feature. iOS 13 will let developers to integrate the ability to use you Apple... Continue Reading →

When Small Victories Were Crucial

British Airways announcing important investment in Apple’s iPhone: As part of British Airways’ £6.5bn investment for customers, the airline has announced that all of its 15,000 cabin crew will be issued with iPhone XRs to help them offer a more personalised service to the more than 45 million customers that travel with the airline every... Continue Reading →

Version Museum

Here is something really cool, the Version Museum. Of particular interest, Apple's homepage. Fascinating is the change from 1997 to 1998: it suddenly turn to being a product only homepage. Apple today still use many of the structure elements they used back then. The Version Museum makes me think about the fact that, in the... Continue Reading →

Automattic + Tumblr, Really?

I was a big user of Tumblr a few years ago The news is out today, Automattic, the owner of the WordPress based hosting service, WordPress.com, is buying Tumblr for a "certain amount of money". Really? I didn't see this coming. Should we rejoice? I was a big user of Tumblr back in 2010 as... Continue Reading →

On Apple Card: This Is So Apple

Following the availability of the Apple Card in the US, albeit limited to small group of users, the user experience seems to be so Apple in many aspects. https://twitter.com/zachhonig/status/1158920088944283649 This is so Apple. Simplify the process to the core. Nobody seemed to care to optimize the simple act of activating a credit card. Do you... Continue Reading →

Apple Watch Restore Process Is Broken

The Apple Watch restore process is broken. Here is my recent ugly experience. Since Apple released ECG in Canada a few weeks ago, I wanted to test the feature on my Apple Watch. The problem is because I'm using watchOS 6 beta, the icon didn't show up as expected. Even setting things up in the... Continue Reading →

Could Apple’s Maps in iOS 13 Be A Sleeper Hit?

Could Apple's Maps in iOS 13 be e sleeper hit? Ryan Christoffel writing for MacStories: Throughout its lifetime, Maps has been the recipient of small, iterative improvements over long stretches of time. Perhaps now that Apple owns the full stack of mapping data, it can start competing on its own terms and change the common... Continue Reading →

How iOS 13 Reminders app Killed Things app

Things 3.0 was a wonderful release when it came out. It’s design simplicity and well thought out won me. Before that I was using Omnifocus but Things 3.0 made OmniFocus look complicated and over featured. But, frankly, iOS 13 is changing all that again: Apple entirely redesigned the Reminders app. The results are impressive. Reminders... Continue Reading →

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