ARM-Based Mac and Project Catalyst

ARM processors are one of the many crown jewels for Apple. Rumours of a Mac running ono of these processors are floating around for quite some time. Earlier this year, I wrote a long post about Apple's Catalyst Project: Apple’s Motivation for Marzipan. The story can be resumed as follow: The plan is to kick... Continue Reading →

Rare Peek Inside iOS 13 Messy Development

iOS 13 Logo - I love it! I rarely quote Bloomberg stuff (because of the "Big Hack" story that was purely a fake report), but this story about iOS 13 messy development is interesting. "Inside Apple’s iPhone Software Shakeup After Buggy iOS 13 Debut" reveals many interesting tidbits. Last year, Apple delayed several iOS 12... Continue Reading →

Trump With Cook [Updated] I don't know what to think about all this. This short clip about Trump visiting Apple's MacPro factory in Texas is just... awkward? I'm sure intrigued to see the MacPro assembly line up close. I'm happy to see this machine finally coming to reality. But this guy, I mean, I cannot stand this guy.... Continue Reading → Impressive interior view of Apple's headquarters Take a few minutes to look at this short video of Apple's headquarters. What a magnificent place to go see and probably work. I'm completely amazed by the amount of design that went into this building and installations. I'm in awe of this place. My design awareness is... Continue Reading →

Apple Quote of the Day

Consider the release of the 16" MacBook Pro (look for my own observations here for context). Now, here is a quote of the day that I find of particular interest: Apple listens strategically, but acts tactically Dan Moren writing for MacWorld. Mr. Moren's take on Apple's strategy is spot on. Apple does listen when required. Actions... Continue Reading →

Steve Jobs was Right

Yep, Steve Jobs was right. On so many things. It took longer than he expected, but Steve Jobs was right. Over the past decade, for most people, in most use cases, phones killed the P.C. To get work done, now you just use a big phone — which Apple happens to call an iPad.Farhad Manjoo... Continue Reading →

At IBM: Mac vs PC

At IBM: Mac vs PC must have been an intense discussion subject in recent years. Tidbits is reporting today: "IBM Finds Its Mac Users to Be More Productive Than PC Users". In particular, something caught my attention: The study also found greater employee satisfaction and retention. Mac users are 17% less likely to leave the... Continue Reading →

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