On Mac Pro Rumors, Bloomberg and John Gruber

I like this commentary post from John Gruber about an article published by Bloomberg(*). Go to the bottom of his post to see his comment about Bloomberg in general. I love it. Reproduced here with source because this the only thing we can and should say about Bloomberg. Second, the Bloomberg article is about rumors... Continue Reading →

I made some clean up of a few drawers last week-end. Here is one thing that I found and made me smile: the iLife 11 DVD. Remember when we bought computer software on DVD? Remember Apple in 2011? Remember iPhoto? This was the days when a new feature in iPhoto shown by Steve Jobs would... Continue Reading →

On Apple UI (Lack Of) Readability

In recent years, I would say since iOS 7, Apple showed a lack of attention about user interface readability. The latest example is the rumoured new watch face in watchOS, dedicated to Hermes version of the Apple Watch. This example shows how bad it can be. How can we expect to be able to glance... Continue Reading →

Being Apple is Hard

Great comment on Twitter regarding the efforts by Apple to remove bad behaving suppliers but not being noticed by the press. We live in a world full of contractions. Why is the NYT not reporting this? Because they are Apple haters.. it sells being an Apple hater. https://twitter.com/zcichy/status/1097203070717419520?s=20

Apple IIe Working After 30 Years

This is insane, someone found an Apple IIe in an attic in his parent's house. It was sitting there for 30 years. He turned it on. And it worked. Follow the Twitter thread here. My interests in computers started with this computer. That was in 1982 in a computer lab at my school. Time sure... Continue Reading →

On Smartphones Security Updates

Take a moment to look at this detailed table of security update availability by platforms and brands. There are a few interesting take out here. First. no surprise, Apple is the leader in keeping their platform secure. Second, I see a few players that are no longer in business: Windows and Essentials. Surprisingly, Microsoft/Nokia was... Continue Reading →

Hey Apple, What About iBooks Author and iTunes U?

Just finished reading this article published by 9to5Mac on the sad state of iBooks Author and iTunes U. Here is another area where Apple dropped the ball, education tools. iBooks Author had so much potential when it launched in 2012. I invested quite some time in it to build documentation that is enjoyable to use... Continue Reading →

On Apple’s AirPort – Again

Another story today from AppleInsider, "Amazon's eero buy is the clearest sign yet that Apple should revive the AirPort" that goes in the same direction as mine, Apple should return to the design table and create this AirPort successor. And fast. What is your take? Do you think Apple will actually do it? Would you... Continue Reading →

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