Fascinating World of Emotions

Photo by Volkan Olmez on Unsplash Since my return to this blog, a few weeks ago, I noticed something fascinating. I'm not sure about it yet but there seems to be something special happening with this blog. When I write about non technical stuff, or with no reference to technology whatsoever nor photography or even nothing about privacy... Continue Reading →

Being Apple is Hard

Great comment on Twitter regarding the efforts by Apple to remove bad behaving suppliers but not being noticed by the press. We live in a world full of contractions. Why is the NYT not reporting this? Because they are Apple haters.. it sells being an Apple hater. https://twitter.com/zcichy/status/1097203070717419520?s=20

Blogger Anxiety #2

The satisfaction of closing a week of hard work for my blog and seeing the results. My second best day - February 17th - Yeah! But then, another week is starting the next day and having to climb again the mountain it seems... Having to start over and keep people coming because they are interested!... Continue Reading →

Apple IIe Working After 30 Years

This is insane, someone found an Apple IIe in an attic in his parent's house. It was sitting there for 30 years. He turned it on. And it worked. Follow the Twitter thread here. My interests in computers started with this computer. That was in 1982 in a computer lab at my school. Time sure... Continue Reading →

Numeric Citizen Podcast #5 – Spécial Flickr (French)

Learn how I plan to replace my Flickr account in the future. Quitter Flickr oui mais pour aller où? Apprenez comment je pense remplacer mon compte Flickr d’ici un an. Références mentionnées durant l'épisode: Mon profil Flickr: flickr.com/photos/29443498@n05  Mon profil Unsplash: https://unsplash.com/@jfmartin67  Au sujet de Unsplash: https://numericcitizen.me/2018/12/07/do-you-know-unsplash/ SmugMug buys Flickr: https://www.smugmug.com/together/   Thanks for listening. Please visit... Continue Reading →

Small Review Adobe Portfolio

As you know, Flickr is having some growing issues with the recently changed rules for free account and I'm considering closing my account. But, where should I publish my photography work after closing my Flickr account? On 500px? Or SmugMug? What about Unsplash? I think I found a better way. Enters Adobe Portfolio. Adobe Portfolio... Continue Reading →

Blogger’s Anxiety

Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash Saturday noon. No more blog posts in the queue. Don't know what to write about. Does this happen to all bloggers? I guess so. This is the blogger's anxiety. I have to sit down and think. I have quite a few things that I want to touch with my thoughts and... Continue Reading →

On Smartphones Security Updates

Take a moment to look at this detailed table of security update availability by platforms and brands. There are a few interesting take out here. First. no surprise, Apple is the leader in keeping their platform secure. Second, I see a few players that are no longer in business: Windows and Essentials. Surprisingly, Microsoft/Nokia was... Continue Reading →

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