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#ShotOniPhone – Only Apple

Great surprise yesterday from Apple, a challenge open to everyone using an iPhone to take great shots and submit them to Apple. Simply share your photo on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #shotoniphone. Rules explained in details here.

This is exactly the kind of initiative that makes me be passionate about Apple. As a photography lover, this is a great way for me to see others people work simply by searching for this hashtag. I’m wondering if I’ll enter the challenge myself. 🤔

iOS 12.1.3 – Fixes for 2018 iPad Pro


Those looking to fix issues with audio devices hooked into their brand new and shiny iPad Pro with USB-C should look forward and update to the latest release of iOS 12.1. It is unknown which audio devices were affected with distorted audio though. I didn’t have any issue with my Yeti microphone except this stability issue while using a simple USB-A to USB-C adaptor. Now, I’m using a USB-C hub and all is fine. 🤓

Please Stop Stealing Our Data!

Great video from Rene Ritchie for sure

Time has come to have a right to remain private. My quest in 2019 is not only to focus more but also to fight for privacy and ownership of my data. This fight is being fought by carefully selecting which service I choose to use or not use.