How Is It Done?

Here is how this blog is maintained. I’m using my iMac and my iPad equally. It depends how I feel and the type of blog post I want to write. Sometimes I’ll start with the iPad and move up to the iMac to complete the job. I don’t have a fully stabilized working pattern. I rarely use the iPhone version except for peeking at my blog stats. I’m jotting blog post ideas in Apple’s and in WordPress as draft posts. I have many in the works and when I feel the content is mature enough, I’m putting the final touch and publish them as time goes by. I’m trying to post something every day. I have 3-7 posts always in the queue.

My blog is available from two URL: and I’m using GoDaddy as my DNS registrar and doing the mapping to Most of the pictures are mine. But I also use some from this marvelous service called “Unsplash“.

I’ll update this page as needed. Thanks for being here. 

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