My Observations on Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue subscription page
Twitter Blue subscription page

Being from Canada, I can test Twitter’s first subscription service, so you don’t have to. This post, which was recently published as a Twitter thread, is about my observations using #Twitterblue on mobile and the web. Spoiler alert: it’s a lame mess. Read on.

About those themes and “colourful” icons. Move on; there is nothing to see here. The wonderful @apolloreddit client offers much more in that respect: highly crafted icons; some are humorous, others more serious. But #Twitterblue icons are simply lame, uninspired.

Lame visual themes, lame icons. Why put so much emphasis on these? I wonder if Twitter has any designers with a sense of humour or good design taste. I’m harsh but hey, it’s Twitter, for god’s sake! #Twitterblue

Using Bookmarks folders. After subscribing to #Twitterblue, it’s the first thing I tried: going to the Bookmarks tab. No sign of folder feature and no obvious way to create one from there. How can a company like Twitter design (or undesign) one of the central feature like this?

About the thread reader view feature: I think this should be a standard feature of Twitter. Saving or exporting a thread should be part of the subscription—bad call here #Twitterblue.

Still on thread reader mode: I’m not sure that I want people to use Twitter instead of using more traditional publishing platforms. This is not what Twitter is all about, right? Maybe Revue is part of the answer? #Twitterblue

Now, about the “undo” feature… while everyone on earth was asking for an edit button… we got an undo feature. Why is it sooo hard? Will this be part of a higher tier subscription? I’m kidding here. #Twitterblue

What you won’t get from #Twitterblue: ads removal. It’s a big deal-breaker right here. What about the rarely used “Twitter Moments”? Integrating Revue should have been in the subscription offerings from day one. It’s hard to follow Twitter (pun intended).

The #Twitterblue experience on the iPhone, the iPad and the web are not the same. The latter doesn’t support #Twitterblue. What a weird and messy roll-out.

Oh, and I don’t care about prioritized support. I don’t need support for using a social network. #twitterblue

Twitter should have paid me to test #TwitterBlue new service, not the other way around.

The end. Back to normal programming. @typefullyapp was used to write this thread. Great web app for this type of use case. Could have been part of a Twitter subscription, a nice fit with thread view. Oh well…

Previously published as a Twitter thread as seen in reader view
Previously published as a Twitter thread as seen in reader view

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