Music is About to Change Forever, Really?

Let’s go straight to the point here: no Apple Music lossless for any kind of Apple wireless device (AirPods, including the Max, HomePod of any size). Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos is the only feature you’ll get to hear on any wireless device from Apple. How this will affect the music listening experience remains to... Continue Reading →

Bye Bye Universe

The website pages before the end Nearly a year ago, I introduced my Numeric Citizen Visual Space, a website made with Universe, a website creation application running on iPhone, iPad and macOS. This space never really took off, never attracted traffic, probably because of the lack of a social network dimension to it. In retrospect,... Continue Reading →

On Apple’s Recent and Highly Controversial Hire

Putting together the words “Apple” with “advertising business” feels weird and awkward to me. Put simply, Apple is somehow in the advertising business, albeit not at the scale of Facebook or Google, obviously. Apple’s business model is not about massively running or helping other companies running ads. Business lines need managers. That’s why Apple recently... Continue Reading →

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