The Story of a 90 minutes Photowalk to Nowhere

Visual summary of my 90 min Photowalk
Visual summary of my 90 min Photowalk

It was a great morning with lots of sunshine and above-average temperature. It was the perfect moment for a Photowalk to nowhere. In the very early stage of my walk, I settled for a 90 minutes duration. Enough time for me to explore the unknown and let the urban environment surprises me. A recent post from Adrian Vila, a photographer that I like, was a motivational factor in kicking my butt to go out. Adrian writes: “I believe that every day is filled with possibilities”. That day was full of possibilities. Boy, I enjoyed the ride. You never know in advance what will come to you as possibilities.

Here is a selection of what I think is the most visually interesting and meaningful photos of my Photowalk that day. Don’t miss the “how it was done” section in the second part of this blog post. Photos are shown in the following gallery. Enjoy.

Behind the scene

In this section, I want to give you a behind the scene look at this Photowalk. First, photos were taken using my iPhone 11 Pro (see my review here) with the Halide camera app. It was intentional as I wanted to get a better appreciation of this top-rated camera app. Photos were stored in JPEG+RAW format to post-process them with the maximum details using the excellent Pixelmator Pro (for macOS) and Pixelmator Photos apps (for the iPad). Most of the processing was done on my iPad Pro. Some additional processing was done on my M1-Mac mini. Finally, if you happen to know Montreal, here is a map of my Photowalk path. Orange colour is when I stopped to take photos or for a traffic light.

My Photowalk path. 90 minutes of joy.
My Photowalk path. 90 minutes of joy.

The visual mosaic at the top of this article was done using the excellent Adobe Spark Post web application. I love this app so much that I published a review recently. Adobe Spark is also available for the iPad and the iPhone. It is part of the Adobe Photography plan subscription.

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