The iPhone 12 Moment

The second Apple event of this fall took place on October 13th at the Apple Park. This highly awaited streamed keynote was the iPhone 12 moment. Was this event too much hyped? Did Apple meet pundits' expectations? Here are my observations and appreciation. About this AppleEvent "Hi, Speed" Apple event artwork First, it was probably... Continue Reading →

The Numeric Citizen Tip Sheet

Click to enlarge Dear readers, I wanted to let you know where you can find me on the web in a convenient and beautiful (I think) matter. Hit the link to have a more detailed view. Enjoy.

Did You Know That Newsletters Are Hot?

This post is a friendly reminder that I started something new a few weeks ago: a free newsletter called The Numeric Citizen Introspection newsletter. I'm already at two issues and working on the next one. I'm very excited about this project. It is really fun to put together a newsletter and hit the "send" button... Continue Reading →

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