My Updated Blogger Workflow as of 2020-08

Since my last update to my blogger workflow, a few important additions has taken place. Here is my updated blogger workflow as of 2020-08.

My Blogger Workflow as of 2020-08
My blogger workflow as of 2020-08

The way I consume information has been enhanced by the arrival of the controversial HEY email service. I recently published my thoughts on HEY. I’m happy to report HEY is now joining other important apps and services like News Explorer and Mailbrew. Who knew emails could become part of my information consumption routine. HEY combined with Mailbrew forms a killer combination.

WordPress application keeps receiving significant updates every few weeks. They are essentially bringing the block editor experience into the mobile app and adding nice touches here and there.

My favourite writing application, Ulysses, received a major update, V20, that brings a dashboard which groups a statistics panel, a text navigator, a comment section, a media overview, among other things. On macOS, Ulysses also include a spell checker which is still not available on iOS but will come later this year. This addition could make me reconsider my use of Grammarly. All the details available here.

On the subject of Grammarly, with the updated Safari in macOS Big Sur supporting extensions, my hope is to see a version of Grammarly introduced later this year. Still on the subject of extensions, the same expectation is for Notion to support Safari.

Another addition, not pictured on the diagram, is the use of Apple’s Shortcuts with Reminders to created to-dos to remind me of bits of informations I want to write about. I’m using new features of Reminders shortcut support in iOS 14 for this. Oops. Works like a charm.

Finally, MarsEdit was updated to version 4.4 which bring full support of the platform for writing and posting directly from the application. I was testing the beta and it works great.

If you are a blogger and use additional tools that are time savers for you, please let me know in the comment section below. Thanks!

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