My Blogging Environment This Week

As the pandemic has put my summer vacation plans in flux, my wife and I settled on renting a chalet instead1. We couldn’t be happier about this updated plan. For the next few days, it’s going to be the environment where I hope it will enable my creativity.

My view while sitting on nearby chair
My view while sitting on nearby chair

We all know stories about writers or artists choosing to isolate themselves in order to enable better creativity. This week, I’ll take all the moments I can get to put myself in a creative mode and mood. I’ll try to finish some of my work-in-progress posts as well as process many of my yet-to-process photos waiting for my attention. Now, if only I could stop the time.

  1. My original plan was to go on a cruise ship on the second half of September, in the region of Greece. The cruise got cancelled a few weeks ago, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

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