Will This Blog Ever Recover?

June 1st. Time for some statistics. After seven months after the big crash of my visitors’ statistics, thanks to Google ranking algorithms changes, I’m still feeling the consequences.

The “Big Crash”

My posting habits dramatically changed in 2020. This blog is reserved for longer and richer posts only, things like “A Guide for Preparing to Leave Your Numeric Legacy” or “My Review of the iPad Magic Keyboard – A Transformative Accessory.” These posts require a lot of work to put together before publishing. Many of these articles were submitted to Medium, and most of them were redistributed. It is a useful metric of quality for me. Quality content, longer posts should help me gain more traction. Yet, the jury is still out on this. 

So, what can I say? Google is owning the world, and there’s nothing I can do about it. Building a readership is very difficult, takes a long time and requires patience. It is where Micro.blog comes into play. Beginning last March, I started tracking visitors’ statistics on my Micro.blog. The results are encouraging.

Some bloggers don’t really pay attention to these numbers, but I do. Why share with the world if nobody pays attention? I have to keep the faith and continue my journey. Now, back to work.

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  1. Micro.blog’s founder disagrees. He says “blog like no one’s watching”.
    I agree with you though: his attitude is solipsistic and unrealistic (energy will expire).
    How did you add a tracking script? I don’t think they’ve provided an inbuilt way.
    Mine’s blog.w4rner.com, and I want to add a simple 2 line SimpleAnalytics tracking script before body-end.

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