You don’t have to love the iPad

Thought of the day, from Francisco Tolmasky on Twitter

The frustrating thing about the iPad is that I constantly feel that I need to be buying into a philosophy

Well said. For me, it doesn’t represent an issue. I love to buy into this philosophy because it is different, delightful. His tweet, one is a series is interesting. But, one the following ones, things get just wrong:

Propping iPad up at a *good* angle? Pay $350 for a cover that prevents you from using it like a book anymore.

I don’t get it. Remove the iPad from its keyboard and voilà! Simple. And this:

the iPad is now a worse tablet with the Magic Keyboard. It kind of sucks for typing in bed compared to the software keyboard, and it’s unusable for reading since it doesn’t flip around like a true cover.

What? Can someone explain to him that he can remove the iPad from the keyboard when he goes to bed at night? This thread just feels “trolly”. The iPad is obviously not for him but he doesn’t know it yet. 

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  1. The new keyboard stand and more laptop like features of iPad are very interesting. I know this, as a tablet, iPad is fantastic. As a laptop replacement…it can work to a degree for some people, and that’s cool. For me, although I tried, it just wasn’t laptop enough. So I bought an actual laptop and have been loving it! It’s good when you find the best tool for your needs and wants.
    I wonder if eventually Apple will make a MacBook that runs iOS instead of MacOS. I doubt it, but if they did, I wonder how popular it would be.

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