A Message to my Weekly Newsletter Subscribers

If you are one of those subscribers to my Numeric Citizen Newsletters coming out every week-end via Mailchimp, I have a message for you.

I’d like to invite you to consider registering for my new and much-improved newsletter built using the excellent Mailbrew service (read my review here). The newsletter frequency is the same, once a week, Saturday morning. Not only it looks better, but it includes my posts coming out of Micro.blog. So, everything is now in one place. Hopefully, you’ll like the change. I may decide to close my Mailchimp account if I see most of my subscribers making the change to the new newsletter.

The following image is a sample of the newsletter sent today. Previous issues of the newsletters are available on the web too, which is cool enough to make the switch!

Numeric Citizen Newsletter issue #1
The new and much more improved Numeric Citizen weekly Newsletter

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