Testing Squarespace for Photo Sharing

I’ve been testing Squarespace for photo sharing, so you don’t have to. Here are a few of my observations. It didn’t go well.

I recently started a new photography series called “The Perfect Imperfections Series“. I wanted a place to store and share my work in a simple and effective way. I’m a big fan of WordPress but for quicking sharing new photos, it requires too much effort to put online. Micro.blog could have been a candidate too but it lacks some features.

testing squarespace for photo sharing - initial setup - adding a logo
Adding a logo to my Squarespace website – this is not my picture on the right

Squarespace: nice on the surface

Setting up a Squarespace site is relatively quick. The user experience and user interface are nice and modern. Once you go past the initial setup, you end up with sample content to make the selected theme shine. It is where things start to get complicated.

I’m so at ease with WordPress that trying to figure out how Squarespace works require a lot of time and too much thinking. I’m not even sure yet if I understand how it works. You’ll find the same concept of pages and posts, but you also get something called a blog. I wasn’t sure which one I would use to get my photos online in a beautiful grid-like layout.

Wasting my time

After the initial setup, I had to spend a lot of time customizing the visual theme to my liking. Then, after a while, the whole process started to look a lot like what I did to set up my Adobe Portfolio. I started to wonder if I was just wasting my time. I was but I guess this is the whole idea of trying to improve my online presence.

After spending a few hours of customization work on their website, I decided to try the iPad application. There are two apps actually: one for content management and one for analytics. Both of them look really nice. The problem lies in the lack of essential iPadOS features support. Split-screen mode is not supported; there is no support either for the share sheet, which is a deal-breaker for me. Having to revert to a web-only experience to manage my content is a no go. It is baffling in 2020 that such basic operating system features are still not supported by serious companies.

Was my testing of Squarespace for photo sharing useful? Yes and no. The result was to comfort my past decision of using Adobe Portfolio to share my photos.

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