Numeric Citizen Blog Now Available on Tumblr

Numeric Citizen now on Tumblr.
Numeric Citizen is now on Tumblr

If you are a user of Tumblr and would like to consume this blog’s content on that platform, there you go, Numeric Citizen blog is now cross-published there too. Please, bookmark this URL:

I believe cross-posting to other popular platforms can help me reach more people. This comes in addition to RSS feed being available too for those using RSS readers. The only holdout now is Apple’s News where my submission is still waiting for approval.

This comes in addition to the just-released Flipboard Magazine. In the case of Tumblr, there is something special to it. This is kind of a comeback for me as I used to have an Apple-centric blog over there for a while. Plus, Automattic, the owner company of just acquired them a few months ago. I’m very curious to see where Automattic will bring this platform and fix the many issues plaguing it for too long. One example being the barely usable iPad app.

For frequent readers of my blog, I will update my blogger workflow to reflect this addition. Plus, I do have many other changes that I need to tell you about. These changes help me optimize my workflow with a more streamlined toolset. You can have a look at my current workflow here.

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