Behind the Scenes of Aperture Development

Apple’s now defunct Aperture
Apple’s now-defunct Aperture

Remember Apple’s Aperture, the professional photo processing app that eventually got abandoned? Here is a moving and fascinating story from one of the QA engineers who worked on the development team. This is a must-read if you are looking for behind the scenes details of Apple’s history.

Aperture: Senior QA (2004-2005) – Tech Reflect

Another wonderful thing was we hired two professional photographers—top tier ones—to work on the project. One had his photos on the cover of dozens of National Geographic magazines. They were to use Aperture with their professional workflow and then attend meetings and share their experiences. Excellent idea.

Does this sound familiar?

Apple pushes the reset button on the Mac Pro – TechCrunch

Apple has been talking to its pro users, Schiller says, reaching out, meeting them and trying to understand how they use Apple products and what their actual workflows look like. He says that MacOS is very well received and that pro users tell them they love the workflow and the apps.

I had a chance to use Aperture back in the days (see “RIP Aperture“). As an enthusiastic amateur photographer, an Apple fan, Aperture was a must-have software. It represented what Apple could do best (even if behind the scene it was messy). After a rocky start, new versions fixed a lot of things.

A big loss

The death of Aperture was a big loss. After all these years, I still cannot understand Apple’s decision. They brag all the time about caring about photography with their iPhone. They decided to redo the Mac Pro for pro users, photographers being, I guess, a big part of them. Why are they into video editing software but not in photo processing space? 1 It baffles me big time. If Apple decides to come back in this space, I’m willing to pay a lot of money to get a fast, native and joyful photo processing app from Apple. I could then ditch Adobe’s Lightroom altogether.

  1. You can imagine that I don’t consider to be a serious solution for pro photographers.

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  1. I remember. I used Aperture back in the day. It was similar to Lightroom. I liked it a lot, and I wish Apple would resurrect it. Then again, these days I just use Google Photos, not even Lightroom. But when I do get my “real” camera out and make photos (versus just take pictures), then I want the big full featured apps like Aperture or Lightroom. Unfortunately, our Nikon DSLR died last year. If I had a chunk of cash to replace it, I’d be more inclined to just buy an iPhone 11 Pro!

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