On iOS 13 Text Selection Madness

Benjamin Mayo demonstration of iOS 13 text selection compared to iOS 12

Benjamin Mayo, a well-known writer for 9to5Mac, published a very enlighting YouTube video on iOS 13 text selection problems. This video shows a few simple tasks involving text selection in iOS 13 compared to iOS 12. From this video, we can conclude a few obvious things.

  • iOS 13 is a major regression in usability.
  • None of the newly introduced changes in iOS 13 is an actual and meaningful improvement.
  • iOS 13, in general, is less smooth than it was in iOS 12.

The removal of the magnifying glass is at the root of all these problems. Why on earth Apple removed it is beyond my comprehension. There is no way a competent designer can think this change is an improvement.

That being said, I would say the situation on iPadOS is a bit better with the use of the keyboard as a trackpad. Yet, in many cases, having a magnifying glass even on the iPad would help.

My hope is that Apple reverses its decision and reintroduce the magnifying glass in iOS 14 in regard to text selection. This is why I felt the need to publish my own take on this issue. Spread the word and share it!

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