Another Beginning

I can’t wait to share my best pictures of Cuba. Here is a peek.

For my first blog post of 2020, let me wish you the best of the best for this year! Next, I want to give you some news about my current projects for this blog. For this year, I do plan to publish less often as I’ll prioritize longer blog posts instead. Prioritizing content over quantity seems to be the best way to stimulate interest in my blog.

I’m currently working on quite a few blog posts. As I’m returning from Cuba, I do have a few things to share with you about this wonderful vacation trip. I made great pictures there and a discovery that I’m anxious to share with you. Plus, I’m working on testing an update to my current photo workflow. Again, for iPad owners wanting to optimize their work with Adobe Lightroom CC, this will be a thing not to miss for sure. Finally, my quest for a better place for sharing my photos online is about to find a solution. Only for this subject, I do have two blog posts in the works.

Finally, as for the blog features, I think I’m happy for now. I don’t plan any changes in the near future. Last year was all about setting the foundations and the look and feel. This year, it will be about focusing on the content.

So, again, happy new year to all my followers. Peace.

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