On Mossberg’s View of Apple’s Last Decade

Apple's CEO: Tim Cook The retired and well-known tech journalist, Walt Mossberg, publishes his view of Apple's last decade. His comment about the lack of blockbuster products in the last ten years is surprising considering the very popular AirPods and Apple Watch. But, it is true that these products are nowhere to be as big... Continue Reading →

The End of my Micro.blog Experiment

My numeric life is full of experiments. Micro.blog is one of them but it is coming to an end. There, I said it: bye-bye micro.blog. Here is why I’m leaving the microblogging platform very soon. My minimalist presence on Micro.blog What is it, anyway? According to @MacGenie, a prominent user of the microblogging platform: The... Continue Reading →

Adobe Lightroom CC: Importing RAW Images

At long last, Adobe Lightroom CC 5.1 now fully supports importing RAW images from external sources plugged into your iPad. Thanks for the latest update released today. I was waiting for this since iOS 13 announcement this summer. With Lightroom CC 5.0, importing photos from Files.app was possible but required more steps. Now, with version... Continue Reading →

Memories of when it all started for me

I recently paid a visit to my sister and brother-in-law. We share many passions together: photography and a few things about Apple. To my surprise, he gave me something I didn’t know he had: a couple of very old brochures about the Apple //c and one on the Apple //e. I was completely shocked to... Continue Reading →


Here is a more personal blog post. I don't know where it will go from this very moment. My time spent here has been on the decline for a while. I'm not sure that I have full control of my life right now. In recent weeks, my very old parents were more demanding because of... Continue Reading →

ARM-Based Mac and Project Catalyst

ARM processors are one of the many crown jewels for Apple. Rumours of a Mac running one of these processors are floating around for quite some time. Earlier this year, I wrote a long post about Apple's Catalyst Project: Apple’s Motivation for Marzipan. The story can be resumed as follow: The plan is to kick... Continue Reading →

Leave of Absence from the Real World

Here is an interesting thought from Jenny Judge writing on Medium "Tech Has Drained the Reality Out of Our Real Lives" (emphasis is mine): But the inescapable shoddiness of our amateur photographs served an important purpose, beyond the obvious one of discouraging narcissism, and it was this: Through its very mediocrity, each image told us... Continue Reading →

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