Adobe Lightroom CC: Importing RAW Images

At long last, Adobe Lightroom CC 5.1 now fully supports importing RAW images from external sources plugged into your iPad. Thanks for the latest update released today.

I was waiting for this since iOS 13 announcement this summer. With Lightroom CC 5.0, importing photos from was possible but required more steps. Now, with version 5.1, externally connected media cards can be used to import RAW images, just like on a traditional computer. I tried the process on my iPad Pro with my HyperDrive USB-C hub and an SD card (you can read my review by tapping the link). It worked perfectly.

Once you insert an SD card, Lightroom CC will recognize it and present an import popup like the following one.

The process is really fast as files thumbnails appear in just a few seconds. The selection of images is simple, and hitting the Import button starts the import process.

This latest update from Adobe makes me reconsider my photo process workflow again. Will I keep importing my RAW photos on my iMac or will I simply import them using my iPad. Convenience is hard to beat. Doing it on the iPad is simple and has the advantage of backing up my originals to Adobe’s cloud. It is not the case if I use the iMac to import new images.

Finally, version 5.1 introduces more export options. You can now select in which format you want to export your images. Available formats are JPG, TIF and DNG. If you have not already updated your Lightroom, I highly recommend doing so now!

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